Fall Fashions: Skirting Disaster

Besides implying the proportions of an ostrich, this skirt suggests another anatomical disaster.

Photoshop Disasters

Fashion and Photoshop are two fields that skirt what’s socially acceptable and what’s an abomination. When you’re toying with that edge, you may want steadier footing.

Thanks Michael. Anyone got any ideas what might be going on here? The original was found on InternationalStreetStyle.

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  • RabbitEars

    Maybe she really, really has to go to the bathroom…

    • Heidi

      But still, in this position, she would tip over, right?

  • http://www.komadori.me.uk/ komadori

    The original is from a photographer working for Elle, http://emsedge.elle.se/the-bell-shape/ with plenty more horrors in more recent posts.
    You can see the rather poor editing around her, um, left ankle.

  • TheShining

    aouuuuch ! her knees !

  • Spillage Griffiths

    She has two right feet.

    • Ben

      No, she’s got a left foot and a right root, but her left foot’s pointing towards you while the right foot’s in the distance. She’s got her legs crossed pretty tightly – as RabbitEars says below, maybe she was really, really desperate to go to the loo…

      There’s also a fashion fail: it looks as though her hips are probably in the vicinity of her wrists, which means her belt is several inches above her natural waistline.

  • http://kinkytails.blogspot.com/ Lindsay Niles

    Someone should call the exorcist.

  • stella

    I think they decided that she should be advertising a different pair of shoes, so they photoshopped on the this pair and got the legs mixed up. Probably because the picture they took the shoes from had the wrong foot up on toes.

  • Skatch

    Don’t think it’s photoshopped. She has to Twist around to have the skirt flying like that. Just the moment of taking the picture is confusing. (Sorry for bad english)

    • http://www.komadori.me.uk/ komadori

      I can see what you mean, twirling to her left and just put her right foot down. But look closely at her left ankle. It’s definitely a cutout. And if she had just done that move, surely her hair would show movement too.

  • Andulamb

    No PSD. Legs crossed, High waist. Too many anatomy and fashion experts here who aren’t.

    • Janet Cox Tuhey

      Maybe not an expert, but I am a biologist who has had a couple of anatomy classes. Try standing like that and tell me you can remain upright. Her feet and the skirt may be twirling, but nothing above her waist is. Her torso has been stretched out of proportion. No one’s head is larger than their hips and shoulders.

  • megapixeldiva

    Bobblehead! her head is bigger than her torso, unless her hair has a life of its own and is lifting up off her head. Also I can see that she might be caught in the instant of twirling around, but I can’t quite see how her leg would be in that position when her waist is facing straight forward, unless she is a lot bendier than the average model.

  • Spillage Griffiths

    This is all I could do roughly in the time I had. It still looks odd. What say thou?

  • RabbitEars

    I think I got it. Like it was said, they wanted a different pair of shoes and screwed up royally adding in the legs. Meanwhile, the real deal is that she is walking, that’s why she’s looking down, that’s why the dress is flared on the right – cover up her legs with your hand and you can see how she might be walking. I even think I can see the cloning on the wall where her foot would’ve been. Yeah?

  • Anita BJ

    I’m sorry guys! The girl looks like that, she is only crossoing her legs, probably twirling around. Here is her blog, http://emsedge.elle.se/, you might find the picture somewhere there because I’ve seen it before. :-)

    /Anita BJ

  • eleidiel

    Um, guys, this is not an ad, it’s an actual photo of a perfectly ordinary human being. Even if it were an ad, I mean, c’mon! I’ve seen things that look way more cray than this.