NoMoreRack: Throw in the towel

If you’ve ever wondered how some companies can afford the savings they offer on Groupon, I suspect there may have been some downsizing in the Photoshop department.

Photoshop Disasters

How this happened is obvious. A well-meaning art director saw he had a disaster on his hands and instructed the designer to throw in the towel. The designer, a short-sighted and literal fellow, did just that.

Thanks Claire. You can see the original on No More Rack.

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  • neckyo

    And the next photo on the site uses the same towel 3 times. That’s reuse value

  • VBW

    The added flare is all wrong. Surely if the light was coming from behind, the whole front of her would have been in shadow.

    • setheaster

      Not if they used a flash, even on low power, or a reflector to add light. They could have a flash set up anywhere, it doesn’t have to be on the camera.
      Besides added flare, which isn’t bad in this case, I don’t see why this pic should be on this site?

      • Janet Cox Tuhey

        Because it just looks — wrong. It’s as if it’s kind of floating just above her shoulders.

  • En Ding Ding Värld

    I am getting Cross-Networks Warning, where PSdisasters is requesting data from my network.

    Better check your Ad providers!