Esce: Jumping Giants: Reach for the Sky

A moment after this photo was taken, an inexplicable earthquake rocked the area.

Photoshop Disasters

Being head and shoulders above your peers isn’t always easy, but props to the photo manipulators behind this picture – our friendly and floating giant is reflected in the glass behind him, albeit in much more reasonable proportions.

Thanks Anonymous! You can see the original on Esce.

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  • Spillage Griffiths

    I’m sorry to have to point yet another blunder by PSD FB again, but there’s absolutely NO manipulation as regards people or size in this photograph. It’s classic forced perception. The bloke on the fa rright, nearest to us, appears larger because he is, and he is closer. Look at her arm and hand. They are proportionate to his. Try again lass.

    • Karen

      That was my first thought, but check out the girl in front of him.

    • Kookoo

      How can he be closer when he is obscured by the girl to the left of him (that’s the girl who seems to be impaled on the light post). This is definitely a disaster of gigantic proportions.

      • M.

        What, you mean you can’t turn your abdomen partially invisible at will? Pssh.

  • Gary

    I just had a look at the original. Being a fresh site I reckon they used Fauxtoshop

  • Gary

    I just had a look at the original. Being a French site I reckon they used Fauxtoshop


    • Beverly Jenkins

      Hahaha! I like that.

  • richardginn

    If he is for real he like 1 foot taller than the rest.

  • joespivey

    No PSD here. It’s a combination of a wide angle lens, him being tall and therefore jumping higher, and him being on the edge of the shot.