Little Lady: Hair with body

I bet she asked for extra layers when she went to the stylist.

Photoshop Disasters

Girls these days are too focused with having big hair over a big brain. Correct me if I’m wrong, but do those hands seem cartoonishly small too?

Thanks Robyn for the great find. The original was found on a craft Barette package.

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  • Vich

    Her face has also been transplanted over another.

  • omnichad

    Looks like lens distortion from a picture taken too close to the barette. Not a PSD, but a CameraD.

    • DummyPants

      You can’t be serious.

      • omnichad

        Definitely serious. You don’t see any pixel doubling in the hair. It’s still crisp, but bent the wrong way.

    • Andulamb

      Agreed. I took the image into Photoshop and corrected the distortion, and the resulting image looks fine. Yes, the girl has big hair, but after the distortion is removed she doesn’t look like an alien. There are quite a few pics on this site that only look like PSDs because someone took a photo of a product from an angle.

  • RabbitEars

    There are so many things wrong with this on so many levels that I don’t have the time nor inclination to mention them. Just wrong…and just when she thought this ad would make her famous. :-(

    • OurJames

      I agree. There is something weird in every pixel of this thing. Not even worth dissecting. Just no.

  • David Gerard


  • Dmitri Kaminiar

    Looks simply weird.

  • Drew Vics

    Looks weird for sure, but to be honest I don’t see any duplicate patterns in the allegedly duped coiffure. Could be the real deal, just baaaaad. Obviously a bad silo.

  • stella

    Yesterday, I was in the store and saw an woman (early 20s) with hair like this. Way too much long straight hair. I found it very difficult not to stare. Had to have been a wig, since technology has not advanced to the point where they can photoshop live people in live situations.
    Are the hands cartoonishly small? Not if she is a contortionist or they belong to another child standing next to her (probably more likely).

  • juggular

    She was one of the aliens from “The Cage”, the first pilot episode of Star Trek. Just wearing a wig to cut down on rude comments.

  • kasmol

    As bizarre as this photo is, I know it can occur in real life. A woman I work with has hair just like this. I’ve been afraid to ask how she does it.