Love Magazine: White Knuckle Woes

If you have to eat a knuckle sandwich, ask for a snack-sized proportion.

Photoshop Disasters

The pose is less intimidating when you realize the girl’s hands couldn’t even begin to make their way around your neck. Speaking of necks, where is yours, lady?

You can see the original on the LoveMagazine site.

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  • proximal phalanx

    Can someone explain to me what’s supposed to be wrong here? Is the editor implying that the hand is too small? It looks exactly the right size. Her proximal phalanx is about the same length as her nose, as is mine. Perhaps they would have been happier with a GIANT IN YOUR FACE FIST from wide-angle perspective?

    • Brian Lowry

      Place your thumb (same fist) on your chin and look at where the top of it is — mine ends up just above the tip of my nose, like in the photo. That being said, who holds their fist like that (back and over their shoulder)?

      • Janet Cox Tuhey

        If you’re getting ready to punch some one…

  • pixeldiva

    The scale of the hand is not that far off, but it is in a really awkward, possibly painful position- try it.

  • Jose

    The hand size doesn’t seem to be off, but the pose is weird and unnatural.