Preta Gil: Special For You

This model has to shoulder one heck of a Photoshop Disaster.

Photoshop Disasters

If you’ve ever wondered what a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle would look like with hair, flesh, and the latest summer fashions, well, now you know. Still, it’s nice to see this model coming out of her shell.

Thanks to the dozens of readers who sent this beauty in! You can see the original on the Preta Gil facebook page.

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  • anna

    What the heck? How can anyone have elbows on the same level as breasts? My elbows are around my waist level, this is freaky! :-O

  • i do have a neck

    how come some people can photoshop a picture and get an outcome like they weren’t even looking at it? you know, it doesen’t do its own, you have to MAKE it

  • Bebert

    There is also a nice strong shadow on the right (drop shadow?) except for the hair…

  • RabbitEars

    Oh, this poor, poor thing! Someone only a mother could love…

  • omnichad

    Even if they pasted the face and neck onto this body that still doesn’t account for everything. Arms are high, but shoulders are lowered.

  • M.

    Does anybody remember that old Simpsons Halloween episode where Bart had a deformed evil twin?…

  • Janet Cox Tuhey

    The average person’s arms are the same length from wrist to elbow as elbow to shoulder. Her humerus has gotten jammed up into her neck.

  • Waldobaby

    This is a fat picture, that’s all. Someone sexist idiot who didn’t know how to deal with the concept of “pudginess” tried to make her more “ideal”. A turtle? It goes with this site’s continuing theme of woman hating. Making fun of her and simultaneously calling her “this beauty” should be clue enough. Why does this not piss people off?

    And what’s the deal with flying hair? It’s both foolish and greasy at the same time. Sheesh!

    • M.

      Either you’re a troll, you’re some kind of Pod Person who’s never seen what human arms and necks are supposed to look like in real life (here’s a hint: Not even remotely like that), or you’re the talentless hack that Photoshopped this embarrassing mess.

      Regardless of which one it is, kindly bugger off; real women who like to hang out on the Internet (here’s another hint: Me) have more than enough crap to deal with as it is, and it only makes it more difficult for us to convince the many, many honest-to-God misogynists of the ‘net that not all women are psychotic b***hes who invent things to be offended about for the sake of attention when they have barely-sensical posts like yours to quote. Thankyou.

      (Yeah, they’re a troll, but screw it. I’m tired of the trolling that goes on around here. This is a humour blog, not bloody 4Chan.)

      • M.

        … Actually, I should say “The vast majority of women are not” rather than “Not all women are,” since most of the ones who “Are” are either trolls, grossly exaggerated or flat-out imaginary.

  • Chroma

    To me it looks like they started with a photo of a slimmer model and tried to make her bigger by stretching everything out and it got all warped in the process. Not sure why anyone would do that but stranger things happen.

    • ixache

      No, if you look at the other (3) pictures at the original Facebook page, you’ll see that she apparently is a real plus-size model. Except that she has square shoulders and high breasts. Also, the harsh light and flying hair are a feature of the photoshoot.

      So IMHO, the GA messed up her shoulders and her nape line while attempting to do something with the hair; and the DA is a doofus. As a Facebook commenter puts it (in portuguese, it’s a Brazilian ad): “Querido Diretor de Arte, favor comparecer amanhã as 8h no setor de RH. Motivo: sua futura busca de novas oportunidades profissionais.”