Rea: Synoptik: Eye on You

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man looks super fly in his Ray Bans.

Photoshop Disasters

Can you believe I got these sunglasses half-off? This is a decent photoshop (technically speaking), but it’s also an inexplicable one. If this was a 50% sale I could see the logic. Otherwise, Rea is just limiting their audience to the Cyclops community.

Thanks Sanna. The original was found in Stockholm, Sweden.

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  • Björn Olsson

    “Rea” means “Sale” in swedish and is not the name of the company behind the ad. “Synoptik” is the name of the company.

    • Heidi

      Even better, I happened to see the word ‘slutrea’ there, which means final sale, if I’m correct. *giggle*

      • Björn Olsson

        You are right. “Slut” means “final” or “the end” or “finished” in swedish. So “Slutrea” has nothing to do with prostitution 😉

  • 5up Mushroom

    So.. it’s not a photoshop disaster? You merely disagree with the design of the ad? Next we’ll be seeing folks baby pictures in here. “Just thought they were cute and I’d share”.

  • richardginn

    Although for that size of glasses in that size of an ad you can have only one lens showing is that what they really wanted???

    I have two eyes, not one,,,,

  • OurJames

    It’s clear to me that this image is what was intended, probably a visual pun on “30-70% off.” Get it? Oh, those Swedes. It is inconceivable that when somebody wanted a picture of a pair of glasses, they came up with this, and everybody OK’d it.

    NOT A PSD! What are you thinking?

  • greennotGreen

    Sorry, PSD, but you blew it with this one. This is a visual pun, pun intended.

  • Andreas Norén

    They did probably do the image for an ad stating 50%. And later the client changed the text without letting the ad agency know about it.

  • anna

    Well, technically.. removing one glass from these glasses could be around 30% of the overall size, not 50.. if you count those ear-sticks :)

  • tsarna

    Leela is thrilled!

    • R. I.

      So is Mike Wazowski!

  • Crazy M

    I can see where they were going but it’s a fail because the glasses are NOT half off. It’s slightly more than half behave of the ear piece being attached to the other side instead of the glasses being chopped in half. The pun was lame but these are some cool looking cyclops shades. Not a PSD but still stupid.

  • Jens W

    It’s a 30 to 70 percent sale (30% < x% < 70%), meaning many of the glasses may very well be 50% off, hence the poster. In other words there's nothing stupid with the poster now is it?