Spot The Disaster: MS Miss

MS is indeed a terrible illness, but we had no idea it have this kind of effect.  Can you Spot The Disaster?


Thanks, Bjorn.  The original was found here.

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  • Firenze

    Maybe she’s got 3 elbows on her right arm. ^^

  • JarFil

    Is it the lack of ass, the extra ribs, or the skeleton-like cheeks?… oh, you mean the right hand.
    Well, if you make your models look like walking dead, it’s no wonder some parts may fall off.

    • Lorry

      … She is the walking dead, that’s kind of the whole point of MS and of the picture

      • Mijnheer Henque

        Best reply in a long time here.

      • JarFil

        Good point.

  • Nysha

    What happened to “We only post stuff done by for-profit corporations who should have the resources to do better, we don’t pick on charities”?

    • DivinoAG

      Gone about the same time as they started posting pictures just because “something looks a little odd, even if there’s nothing actually wrong because we expect pictures to be perfect, making us the reason why Photoshop is so overused in the first place”, or “this is an well-made and intentional use of Photoshop to distort reality for artistic reasons, not a disaster”.

      • Lorry

        And I can’t even really see anything wrong with this – Whatever happened to picking on obvious disasters? There’s certainly nothing in this that would make someone piss themselves or that could be considered an epic fail – In fact, what is meant to be wrong with it?

        • kiodo

          check her right arm, from her shoulder to the elbow.

        • Waldobaby

          It’s called “this is a bit odd; let’s call it a disaster”

    • Wwp

      It’s not picking on the charity-it’s picking on the ad agency that the charity paid good money to and who, in return, gave them a inferior, half-assed product. Shame on them

  • Roderick

    I’m a bit unsure what her right thigh is joined to. And the shadows under her legs don’t make sense when most of the light is coming from the front and right of the model. If the intent was to make her look weird, it is a success. Otherwise, as my teenage daughter would say, epic fail.

  • c4mp3r

    She can shot elbows like spiderman and can use the Shadow Imitation Technique 😀

  • Anne Noise

    The shadows are making my mind hurt.

  • Evan Kaplan

    I officially just pissed my pants.

  • jillelswick

    The right arm is too long?

  • Manuel

    Where is the f*cking rigt arm?

  • W. Kime, MD

    The present data show that MS, besides all its familiar adverse features, is teratogenic causing the victim to sprout the darndest appendages in the darndest places

  • Granville

    Miles Davis suddenly left handed, playing on a mirrored trumpet:

    • Pete Farmer

      Duh. It’s a selfie he painted using a mirror.

  • AB

    Check how far forward her left shoulder is pushed – naturally. Then check the distance from her left shoulder to her left elbow. Given these measurements as a base, the position of her right elbow is perfectly natural. And, the shadows are the natural byproduct of a multi-light set-up. There’s nothing wrong with this from a Photoshop Disaster standpoint.

    • stella

      But if her right elbow is where it is and her right arm is actually attached to her right shoulder, shouldn’t we see some of her right upper arm in that little space between her left shoulder and her left hand? Her arm can’t go down and out that far at the same time.

  • greennotGreen

    Again, this may be more of an art direction problem than photoshop. I’m of the opinion that unless the point of the ad is something on the order of “stomach in knots” you shouldn’t have people who view the ad throwing their backs out of whack seeing if they can reproduce the model’s posture.

  • Ariel AleX Co.

    there is a woman behind her right leg.

  • ora600

    The right arm is deformed. look at the forearm from where

  • Brian McKenzie

    Trying to throw your arms around around the world is quite a stretch.

  • heinzsz

    Intentional use of Photoshop to distort reality. Aim: Attract more viewers…

  • irina on her own

    her right arm is wrong, and she has no butt