Matsushima: Bizarre Bust

Laffy Taffy’s new line of dresses isn’t doing as well as people had hoped.


Elastigirl’s modeling career was short lived, but she still maintains her figure. What that figure is, exactly, is up for debate.

Nice find Marte. You can see the original on the Asian store NetSea.

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  • Dances with Lasagna

    They’ve finally developed the rib-less girl. Sooooooooo hawt! [retch!]

  • stella

    What’s so wrong with a woman with a really (and I mean really) long neck? Is it that she has arms growing out of that really (seriously, really) long neck? Or is it that her really (really really) long neck is attached to her hips?

    • Greenhatter

      Btw. I like her necklace.

  • Andulamb

    It’s like in that Star Trek episode when it’s revealed that the hot white chick is actually hideous, the result of being put back together by aliens who didn’t know what humans are supposed to look like. I think this model suffered the same fate.