Britney Spears: Photoshop B**ch!

We’ve had bird-like models on the site before, but rarely do they bring their own plumage.

Photoshop Disasters

If anyone is wondering how Britney Spears keeps her body so ageless, I have a theory. Two questions, though: in what world do you reduce a pop star’s cleavage, and why would you give her the same torso as a (male) Rob Liefeld drawing?

Thanks to everyone who sent this one in! This image was taken from Britney’s new album cover.

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  • m/

    dancers usually have flesh colored costumes. that just seems to be the case.

    • Saurio Escritor Polirrubro

      I agree but… why use the feather tool on the neck line of the flesh colored fabric?

      • swell_swell

        They didn’t. Flesh-toned stretch nylon fabric that hasn’t been hemmed gives that effect in person when it is slightly stretched.

  • kasmol

    I’m still trying to make her right arm work. Its probably a perspective issue, but shoulder, arm, and elbow just don’t appear right.

  • matt

    I came to the site to find the address to send this to, and lo and behold, it’s already on here.

  • v

    it’s the costume, flesh colored…

  • Ipshwitz

    You can clearly see the neckline of an outfit on her. So obviously it’s a flesh-colored outfit. As far as her right arm – it’s really not that hard, just lean your arm back and turn your hand out. This site has become more about stupidity than disasters. A little common sense would rule out 90% of these disasters.

    • Firenze

      Her right arm and her right arm’s reflection just don’t match, though.

    • Miguel Farah

      I was with you until I took a good look at her hair in that area.

      Her neck is also longer that it really is.

  • Creepy

    Forget the costume, what the heck is going on with the freaky pasted-on head on the giraffe

    • Waldobaby

      Well, that’s just hair. If you think that’s her neck then her shoulders are six inches too high. I like also how people think she’s wearing a body suit without any seam at that previously mentioned neck.

  • Andulamb

    Nothing wrong with this image. As others have pointed out, you’re not actually seeing Britney’s cleavage. Flesh-toned fabric. Dancers and ice skaters use this trick all the time. Makes you think they’re revealing more than they are. There’s also nothing wrong with her arm. Her elbow is up and back. The world is 3D, and sometimes it looks strange in 2D.

    I’m not saying the image hasn’t been Photoshopped. Britney’s well past her prime, so of course it has. But there’s nothing here that’s a disaster. The things you think are problems aren’t.

    • ixache

      Couldn’t agree more. Also, the feathery thingie just hide everything that could give the viewer a hint of how the arm and shoulder connect and make clear that it’s indeed a natural, even if awkward, pose.

  • swell_swell

    The site complains about the outfit (not a PSD) and totally missed the screwed up reflection (PSD or intentional?) ????

    • ixache

      The reflection is surely heavily airbrushed, to make it look mistier thant in reality, but for me, it is OK from a physics point of view. Even the lightning (form the mirror bulb behind Britney) is consistent, for once!