Conforama: Comodo: Small Savings

Terrible photoshop, or amazing value for a couch this size?

Photoshop Disasters

When you’re in a market for a twelve-foot tall couch, there’s only one place to shop. Actually climbing atop the behemoth can be a bit of trouble, but for sky-high savings, it’s worth the effort.

Delivery costs extra though.

Thanks Federica. You can see the original on Conforama.

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  • Janet Cox Tuhey

    Not photshop, terrible or otherwise. There are several Lilliputins throughout the catalogue.

  • Greenhatter

    Stock Photo of a sitting guy appeared a bit small, when pasted in …now that´s what photoshoppers call a happy accident. Everybody knows Gulliver is out on a jouney, the little guys are having fun (bitchin´around without shadows) on their own, etc, etc.