DIVE: Thigh High

Not that laying outside on a brick floor is the most natural pose in the world, but something here isn’t clicking

Photoshop Disasters

You know how you can pop out of the legs of a Barbie doll? This is sort of like that, but less subtle.

Thanks Robin!

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  • Scooter62

    She’s fine–it’s the pasted-on swimsuit that is the problem.

  • Xenji23

    Maybe it’s a really good body paint job.

  • VBW

    Her apparel looks just like my bedspread.

  • RabbitEars

    My question is Why? Do they have pix of women rolling around on bricks hanging around and decide to just change the pattern of the swimsuit? Why not just hire someone to writhe around on bricks in the real swimsuit? why? Why? WHY?

  • Worms

    I may be showing my age here but I was hugely distracted by the very poor level of weeding between the bricks. I mean my drive looks like this at home but if I was having a model around to writhe on it I would probably get the pressure washer out. It is only polite