Four Two Nine: Arm and Man

My first instinct was to call this a disaster, because everyone knows Sarah Jessica Parker has hooves for hands.

Photoshop Disasters

Despite the airbrushed features and flawless skin, something about this picture seems broken. Maybe it’s the way Sarah Jessica Parker’s arm bends without breaking. What say you, dear readers?

Thanks Nick for the find. The original was for FourTwoNine magazine.

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  • JarFil

    Not sure what to think about that arm without knowing precisely how anorexic she is… but it does look like it was thinned, cut, and pasted so as to leave more space for the text.

    • kelseigh

      She does seem to be missing some choice muscles in her forearm, especially back towards the elbow.

  • wesley kime

    Sigh…this is the kind of Photoshopping you’d pay big money to learn at one of their seminars

  • 394studio

    Morning from spain!

    We have created an entry on our blog in honor of your blog. we love it

  • Albert du Genou

    There is no way to have a neck so thin… or a head so big (proportions wise). And yes the forearm seems a little elongated. I’m not even sure to know where all the shadows on the white shirt are…