Pro-5: Fat Five

As a sort of cross-promotion, Lady Speed Stick got the only model with hands so large that she needs to use deodorant between her fingers.

Photoshop Disasters

I high-fived this model once. With enough time and physical therapy, the doctor says I’ll regain the use of my right arm soon.

Thanks Chanas. You can see the original on Colgate’s site.

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  • smrk

    Isnt that Woody from Toy story?

  • M.

    And before anybody says “It’s supposed to be foreshortening” – that doesn’t stop it from being a really awful attempt at foreshortening.

    • omnichad

      It’s a poor attempt, but I’d argue that the problem isn’t with the size of the hand. It’s that her elbow is on the wrong side of her photoshopped stretched out arm. Should be pointing toward the outside.