Self Checkout

Today’s sale features levitating mattresses and wives for half-off.

Photoshop Disasters

First of all, I can assure you (through personal testing) that most department stores do not approve of going for shopping cart rides, and to advertise the opposite is just a false claim. Second of all, I really think this couple is going to need a mattress that’s reaches their nipples.

Thanks Draico who found this image in his local shop.

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  • Waldobaby

    I call Cultural Bias! Who said this was a “ride”? Did you ever for one second consider she could be a retail item? What country is this ad from?

    And why is the cart moving backwards in an arc to the right? He’ll fall over!

    • OurJames

      Maybe the mattress is to cushion his fall.

  • disqus_XQa38TJ8yu

    Wait a minute, man, woman, ecstatic smiles, legs apart, mattress… Is this one of those subliminal image thingies with naughty words hidden in the creases of his shirt or some such place?

  • Janet Cox Tuhey

    Not a PSD. They were goofing off, against store policy, and some one threw the mattress at them to make them stop.