Avanti!: Hand-made toppings

I don’t know guys, I’m trying to eat less stuff with artificial toppings.

Photoshop Disasters

Hey readers, what’s your favourite kind of pizza? My roommate enjoys meat lovers, but personally, I’m more inclined to eight to nine oversized skittles on topic of some melted cheese.

Thanks Henning.

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  • Knofiman

    I’m German, it says you can choose your toppings. So these are meant to look like placeholders. If this is great advertisement is a different thing, but at least it’s no PSD.

    • Waldobaby

      Thanks for clearing that up. I did not know “placeholders” was German for Skittles.

      Not a PSD? It’s God-awful.

    • brazzy

      Arguably it’s still a PSD because what they did doesn’t really convey the “placeholder” idea and instead looks absolutely bizarre.

    • Greenhatter

      I want my pizza with flat orbs on it, can you manage that.