Engels: A Lot To Shoulder

Having wings can do a lot of funny things to your shoulders.


This little angel’s funny frame makes about as much sense as holding a blown up piece of Hubba Bubba and a… I want to say some sort of hybrid hockey stick/paintbrush?

Look, a lot of stuff Germany puts out doesn’t make sense to me.

Thanks Cyrill. The original was found on a house wall in Germany.

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  • Andrew Bossom

    That “hybrid hocky stick/paintbrush” is in fact a paintbrush with a very specialist application: it’s for painting radiators, particularly the old cast iron type with fins. The angled head and the long handle make it easier to get into those awkward little places. It is, after all, an advert for a painter/decorator, playing on the name “Engels”, “Engel” being German for “angel”.

    God knows what that pink globe is, though.

    • kelseigh

      Dunno, but from her expression I think she’s getting ready to whip it at somebody.

    • EliyahuBenYisroel

      I have several of those brushes, which are designed for painting under eaves and in awkward spots. Still a flakey photoshop job though

  • stella

    This is a child with two heads. However, society is not yet ready to have conjoined twins in an advertisement, so they covered one of the heads with a wing and the hair of the other head. Having a second head to the left of the head we see is the only explanation for the shoulder placement. Well, except for bad photoshopping, that would explain it too.

  • heinz

    obviously a selfmade advertising. with a nonprofessional snapshot of the girlie. No photoshop in this.