FOX Sports: Ban-aid

Rousimar Palhares has been banned from the UFC for excessive use of the heel hook, but this picture makes it look like he didn’t really have any other options.

Photoshop Disasters

FOX is known for their creative reporting, and I assume that this picture isn’t supposed to be taken literally, but I’m not clear on where there’s an odd number of legs, nor why one thigh is clearly not attached to anything. I’m also confused as to why a journalistic source didn’t use an untouched picture. Say, of the match in question.

FOX: We don’t get it, and neither will you.

Thanks Kendra. You can see the original on MSN.

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  • Nicewriter

    Eight legged freak?

  • Saurio Escritor Polirrubro

    Leg Orgy?

  • stella

    You know all the photos on PsD where there is a leg missing? Now we know where they put the missing legs.
    Someday there will be a photo with a bunch pieces of hips in the background.

    • Waldobaby

      What about the super long necks? Will there be a backlash there too?

  • Amia BooMaster

    I guess the piles of legs explains the looks on some of their faces back there.

  • Tron Thurman

    Ughhh, so you realize its not meant to be taken literally, but you find it contentious whether there is an odd number of legs, or whether one thigh couldn’t be attached to anything? This is a hilarious example of having no knowledge of the subject matter combined with a confirmation bias.
    The legs are all supposed to be disembodied, having been ripped off of Palhares’ opponents. This is a reference to Palhares, an incredibly musclebound fighter, catching fighters in heel hooks and knee bars and pulling on the submissions viciously, and continuing to pull on the submissions even after the referee has made contact and tried to stop the fight – its seems Palhares is literally out to rip the legs off of his opponents, you see him victorious in front of a pile of his handiwork. I would imagine the article wasn’t one about his most recent fight, but one about his being banned from the UFC by president Dana White for this behavior.

  • André Müller

    His finishing move in the infamous Gordian Knot.

  • Chico

    Not a disaster at all.