Danskin: Fresh spin

Ah, the gym model: perfectly made up, glowing, and with proportions that don’t quite make sense.

Photoshop Disasters

A lot of people choose spin class to get fit because it’s a group activity, it’s fun, and it’s safer than riding a regular bicycle. But even the most stationary bicycle won’t balance someone as top-heavy as this gym patron.

Thanks Anna for the find. The original was found in a Danskin newsletter.

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  • Alicia
    • Waldobaby

      The head being foremost to the camera and the hair (in two places) exacerbate the look.

    • Bebert

      Her head is somewhat bigger in the gym than on the red carpet…

  • kelseigh

    The proportions don’t bug me, but the way they seem to have removed part of her right armpit does. I’m pretty sure we should be seeing just a bit of flesh under her hair there.

    • MaryMitch

      Yeah, I think it’s pretty obvious they’ve clipped some arm (and gotten some of her hair in the bargain). But she IS a very thin woman.

  • anna

    No psd here, she has this type of body proportion, thin body and big head – so what? She is also a cancer survivor… Recently I have a feeling this site just mocks people who are not perfect :-/

  • saltydog

    Um, I’ve met her that’s pretty much what she looks like