Men’s Fitness: Something Doesn’t Fit

In retrospect, offering a mutant’s abs may not be the best way to sell magazines.

Photoshop Disasters

Either Photoshop or the mutant gene is to blame for that terrifying hip to shoulder ratio. Comic book proportions can be fun on the page, but in real life, they’re about as natural as that model’s pose.

Thanks St. The original was found in Men’s Fitness.

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  • Janet Cox Tuhey

    Something is really wrong with his sides. It looks like he’s had his external obliques removed.
    I’ll never understand why one would want to look like Slim Goodbody.Gross!
    Edited to correct spelling

  • Miguel Farah

    Never mind the abs. Look at that guy’s face. It’s not just a shadow play – something else happened there as wel…