Party City: Plus Sized City

Obviously, plus-sized models are getting too much work and Party City sought to fix that.

Photoshop Disasters


Photoshop Disasters


Photoshop Disasters

I’m of the opinion that these aren’t outright terrible photoshops, just tactless ones. All I know is that women rarely take to being flipped, having the space between their thighs messed with, or their skin stretched. But enough about my dating life.

The original was found by HuffingtonPost.

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  • Waldobaby

    It gets the idea across with no muss, no fuss. It works.

  • kelseigh

    I like the fact that they all have “Quick Shop” under them, for that piquante flavour of irony.

  • discount shopping online

    i like the theme fact what realy have “Quick shop” under them, so nice blog.

  • dma

    Wouldn’t the “Plus Size” skeleton set have the same skeleton, just with more padding around it?? The striped ones look… OK I guess… It’s obvious to us what was done, but to a laymen who doesn’t know? They’d think it was a chunky girl in the same pose.

    The red fishnet are the WORST. The only issue I have with the skeleton is realism.