PETA Latino: No Thigh Meat

I understand the logic of PETA’s former campaign, “I’d rather wear nothing than wear fur,” but this one has me at a bit of a loss.

Photoshop Disasters

If PETA had things their way, the world be overrun with giant vegetables and attractive, one-legged models. I always suspected that people were below animals in their pecking order, but I thought we would still be a tier above a perfectly crafted head of blown-up broccoli.

Great find Tom. You can see the original on the WorkThatMatters site.

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  • Stuph

    She’s not legless! A broccoli head is made of a number of smaller heads. She’s snuggled down on top of two of them, with her right leg draped gracefully between those and the larger head on the other side. Comfy and secure!

  • Kerblaney

    Sure, it fine for her to press naked against a broccoli, but when I do it they ban me from the supermarket.

  • Miguel Farah

    The leg *could* be buried into the broccoli. What bothers me is how the broccoli’s surface is NOT pressed down by the model weight. Perhaps she’s actually an inflated balloon?

  • Name

    well, it reads ‘EAT YOUR GREENS, they are yummy’ which doesn’t really make this any better, does it?