Spot The Disaster: His Favorite Mercedes-Benz

This doesn’t look so bad… if you’re from Lilliput.  Who can spot the disaster?


Thanks to Janos, who spotted this disaster in a magazine and sent it to us via our Facebook page.

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  • Nicewriter

    Uruk the Neanderthal has dressed up in his best suit and now he presents his best car.

  • En Ding Dng Värld

    It’s that thing that is supposed to be a car. Total disaster!

    • Waldobaby

      Mercedes: ghetto styling on a national scale. With just a little bit of neon shining down from the under side it would be perfect!

      Oh, the art direction is a bummer too, and it looks like they used five fonts to cover a dozen words.

  • Lilian Manita

    oil leak under the car on the advert!!! funny

  • smitty
  • MaryMitch

    The guy looks short, but there ARE short people. And the car is ugly, but so what? Is the disaster the guy’s right leg which looks like it’s been dislocated from his hip?

  • Scottland

    He was hit by this car, which explains his leg, and he’s actually standing about ten or fifteen feet behind the car, making him look tiny. Happens all the time. No PSD. :)

  • anna

    Well, the guy looks a bit strange – his head is too big compared to his legs, his hands look a bit wierd too, as if someone stitched the body parts together and it almost look ok but not quite :)

    • Saurio Escritor Polirrubro

      I agree. I think they attached the guy torso to some other guy’s (or the same guy’s, but different photo) leg