El Corte Inglés: Summer Memories

This is a bad one, but it’s far from the worst of its kind (NSFW link).

Photoshop Disaster

Children and Photoshop just never seem to mix. Despite the picture’s obvious failing, I’m unclear as to how it happened. Care to theorize in the comments?

Thanks Guillem. You can see the original on Facebook.

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  • RabbitEars

    They’re obviously trying to cover up something that’s behind the kids. But what? Maybe what looks like a building on the far right side gives us a clue. But dang, this sucks anyway. Cloning would’ve been tons better and that would’ve sucked too.

    • Ian Tester

      Perhaps the background/horizon simply wasn’t photogenic enough. It looks like there’s trees and hills, but they wanted a nice ocean background.

  • Skeptic

    I suppose there was something in the background that the publisher didn’t want: a huge advertising sign, a sewage processing facility, who knows. So they just wanted to give us the illusion that the beach continues well into the background. And they gave the job to their best photochopper.

  • Ian

    They could have pulled it off if they had simply continued the top background All the way, left to right, and simply filled in the beach on the left side. What a shame.

  • Chakolate

    They never intended to show the whole pic – the error isn’t in not extending the background, it’s in not trimming. That’s my guess, anyway.

  • Gulliver

    go and work in a newspaper for a few weeks and you will see why a lot of these images happen….chances are this picture was intended to be cropped one way, another designer has come along and re-cropped it again…this is commonplace, especially in a 15 minute turnaround environment

  • bass000

    Maybe a naked guy was hiding in the background… Make me think of: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-BppXvldKgS8/TxBqKmaSroI/AAAAAAAAA24/xlBHHJb6cCI/s1600/La-Redoute-fail.png

  • HeyThereItsEric

    It looks like they’re on a sandbar in a river, rather than the ocean beach that the inserted background suggests. Perhaps their parents told others that the vacation was more exotic than it really was?