Women’s volleyball: Cut up coach

If there’s one thing that never needed to add to women’s volleyball, it’s a bunch of cut-and-pasted men.

Photoshop Disasters

Let the record show that when we were presented with a disaster featuring a bunch of women, balls, and fake-looking men, I took the high-road and avoided the obvious testicle joke. Maturity!

Unrelated to the disaster, though? Check out the woman on the right and her oh-so natural stool pose.

Stool as in the chair, not as in – oh damn, I was doing so well too.

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  • Jessica Christine Elizabeth

    That is a horrible copy and pasting job lol however the girl on the right is actually sitting on a stool you can see the legs of it by her feet and up by the left knee.

  • Janet Cox Tuhey

    The poor guy on the right — Not only is his head stretched out of proportion, they cut off his ears!