Airbnb: Viet-no

A lot of products in Vietnam are obtuse forgeries; apparently, so are a few places there.

Photoshop Disasters

The ad claims there are over 160,000 square metres of beautiful private beach to enjoy. If the rest of it looks like this, you can expect beautiful sand, gorgeous vistas, and a lot of lawn furniture with a weird green hue.

Thanks Wes. You can see the original on Airbnb.

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  • nebbul

    Judging from the linked original as a native Swede I’d say this is the worst ad I’ve ever seen. I don’t believe someone Swedish authored this. Google translate FTW!

  • Mijnheer Henque

    There is something about the horizon or angle, I first thought it was about a Tsunami.

  • Roderick

    Vietnam is famously hot and humid, especially on the shore, which could explain a sudden outbreak of algae on and around the European-style garden furniture. On the other hand…