Associated Press: Breaking Stereotypes

What do you know, white men can jump AND dance.

Photoshop Disasters

If you think the US is the only country to be guilty of fluff journalism, the Dutch headline that’s visible translates to “beautiful black woman, cute brown kids.” What the beautiful black woman and cute brown kids are doing isn’t clear, but something tells me it isn’t the most breaking news.

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  • marathia

    Don’t make this disaster bigger than it is! The right translation is:

    (center) with daughter Chiara, sun Dante and wife Chirlane McCray on a street party in Brooklyn.

    • Nysha

      I was just wondering how a speaker of any language can read the given translation, compare it with a sentence containing three obvious proper nouns and the word “Brooklyn”, and go “seems legit”. Dutch isn’t a hard language, really; English is even less so for most Americans…

      • Waldobaby

        Neither of you get it, do you?

  • stella

    White men can jump, dance and hover a few inches above ground. They are also much taller than other humans.
    It looks like they are having a parade and he is one of the balloons (like in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade).

    • Faerie Nuff

      Deblasio really is that much taller than most people. Man is a freaking giant. The fact that he’s mid-jump and in the foreground would explain why he seems so much larger than the people behind him. His wife (in the foreground) really is a bit shorter than him. There is no disaster here. There isn’t even any Photoshop.

  • richardginn

    Magicians need to photographed… NOP PSD…

  • Cerberus64

    No PSD – has no one seen Philippe Halsman’s “Jump” series of photos?

  • Nomad
  • GJvL

    I think this is from the volkskrant. (paywall alert)
    The title of the article (not visible in the above picture) is indeed: “beautiful black woman, cute brown kids.”

    So no PSD but PJD (Poor Judgement Disaster).