Fredericks: Blow me down

If we just take everything above the shoulders, this isn’t a half-bad photoshop.

Oh, it’s an advertisement for lingerie? Well. Damn.

Photoshop Disasters

I’m forced to ask – does this head belong on this body? It could be a simple matter of applying the usual Photoshop techniques above the neck (e.g. smooth, radiant skin free of veins and cellulite) and not below the brassiere. Let me know what you think went wrong in the comments below.

Nice find Andrew! You can see the original on the Fredericks Of Hollywood site.

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  • Maitri

    Good lord. Somebody crushed her head!

  • Nasro Subari

    It’s a “plus-size” lingerie line, so maybe… but even if it’s not photoshopped, it’s an extremely awkward and unflattering pose that model is striking, anyway…

  • Matthias Urlichs

    It’s not just her head that’s ‘shopped on – her leopard panties look that way, too.

  • cath

    At the FoH website, there are lots of pics of this model, and it looks like she’s a broad-shouldered, plus-size model with a relatively small head (the fact that she doesn’t put weight on her face is probably a bonus to her modelling career — it lets her have an angular jawline despite having a curvy body. I think a lot of plus-size models have this trait). But, yes, I do think they applied smoothing and lightening selectively to her face and chest. And it looks like they’ve done the same on several other pics, too. I guess it’s one way of stretching the budget, and it draws the eye upward, or something…?

    But I think I found a worse PSD done with a different model at the same site. This one seems to have her cleavage plumped/pumped up while her lower torso has been stretched and slimmed to gumby-like proportions (and bendy-ness). Eek!,default,pd.html

    • Crystal

      That looks horrible. Like they used two bodies. It’s like a frankenmodel. And the bra is half cute too. Shame.

    • Nasro Subari

      Liquefy! Liquefy!

  • Jim Myer

    Everyone likes a little head.

  • kelseigh

    I don’t know about anyone else, but my boobs start BELOW my collarbone.

    • stella

      Apparently, this is an ad for Fredricks of Hollywood’s new Boobs So High They Double As Shoulder Pads line of bras.

  • t r
  • Nemmon Dommeg

    I can understand those photoshop f***ups where a hand is left in the image or a leg gets chopped off accidentally in the background: those aren’t apparent right away ,only when you take a closer look, and i can imagine they don’t always have time for that – but these? How can someone just take one swift look at this image and not see how wrong it is??? the briefest glance is enough to see…