Glamour: Haha Gaga

Lady Gaga looks weird(er than usual).

Photoshop Disasters

Coincidentally, it’s in a reasonable and tame outfit that Gaga seems the most… well, gaga. What’s going on with those hips?

Thanks Jen. You can see the original on HuffingtonPost.

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  • Dice

    She looks like she’s having a hernia

  • Steven

    Looks like someone punched her in the stomach

  • Skeptic

    Hmm. He waist seems OK, and her hips seem OK, assuming that she is not full front but slightly facing to (our) left with her left leg a bit forward, which is a usual pose. If you judge her waist by where her thumbs are, I’ve seen worse.

    But what bugs me is the black hole into which her right hand’s index finger is being sucked. Help the poor woman before she loses any more fingers!

    • Nasro Subari

      Her waist would seem OK if her head was half as big as it is in the picture…

  • disqus_XQa38TJ8yu

    That iPhone-shaped white hole under her right arm looks mighty odd. Once you notice it, it’s hard to avoid being aware of it. Bad cropping – complete with a disappearing waistband.

  • eh

    This site’s posts are going downhill. Running out of good disasters ?

  • thesaucer

    the waist is making way for the gift guide. not a PSD. those hands…

  • Aaron

    Gaga herself said that this image was way too photoshopped, she disagreed with the magazine who did it