Ebay: High Wasted

These are supposed to be train skirts, but it looks like they got the wrong model to show that feature off.

Photoshop Disasters

The bellybutton on a normal woman would be just below where the corset meets the skirt here. With that in mind, the bellybutton on this model must be longer than a Canadian highway.

Thanks Anielle. You can see the original on Ebay.

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  • alejpanda

    I think it’s right, though. Where the black ends isn’t necessarily the waist… there’s still more of her torso to go…

    • ixache

      Yes. Look at the four pictures. There’re all different (folds in the dress) but consistent. Look at the model’s elbows, it (normally) shows where her torso ends. The dress starting to flare very high, the shoes, and the model body-type (think Adriana Karembeu :) all make her legs look much longer than they are.

  • Janet Cox Tuhey

    Her legs have been manipulated. The legs usually make up half your height. Hers are about half again as long as her torso and head combined. Also, her tan looks weird. Her shins are paler that the rest of the leg.

  • Steven

    Barbie, is that you?

  • Kaj

    Yes, these have been photoshopped. No, these aren’t supposed to have trains. The description clearly says, “Length: Above Knee, Mini”