H&M: Something’s Missing

H&M could start an entire collection around all of the freakish fits that are featured on this website.

Photoshop Disasters

I was trying to sell a colleague on this photo, so I (loudly) suggested he pay close attention to the gap between the model’s thighs. While this is a valuable lesson in detecting a disaster, I implore anyone who wants to educate their friends not to do so while in a (very) public setting.

Thanks Heloisa. You can see the original on the H&M site.

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  • Fred

    I don’t get it. Is it because she stands like Senator Larry Craig?

    • MT7

      Go to the H&M site and zoom in between her thighs/at her inner thighs

      • Nasro Subari

        I… don’t think I want to do that.

  • Andulamb

    Not a PSD.

  • Amia BooMaster

    Those shorts or whatever seem a little off….

  • Akela White

    her legs look kind of bow, her for arm on left is s little to short, and her right look like eh has no elbow

    • kelseigh

      The arms are probably due to the rather harsh-looking lighting setup, blasting out all the shadows. I’m not really seeing whatever heinous thing some folks are seeing on the thighs, but the rest seem to be photography fail and way-too-damn-skinny fail.

  • Lasse

    Nothing in that model is big. Except her hands.

  • VBB

    Her neck looks a bit giraffe like.

  • anna

    Another mocking of a young model girl? :) I cant see any psd. Its a tall girl with thin torso, long arms and legs. Such girls do modelling now, nothing new… She doesnt have perfect proportions, she is that tall thin type, no need to mock her..

  • Agurk

    I’ve worked on these kind of pictures for H&M and while I didn’t work on this one I’m pretty sure it’s not a psd. She’s standing with her legs far apart and thighs can look like that.

    Found this on google: