Plant Built Muscle: Yeah, Plants…

Something tells me plants aren’t the only supplement these bodybuilders enjoy.

Photoshop Disasters

I don’t know much about vegetables or bodybuilding  – all it takes is one look at me to confirm that. But, a lifetime of Barbies and action figures has taught me how heads are supposed to fit on a body.

Yes, a lifetime. I was a trouble child/teenager/adult.

Thanks Leslee for the find.

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  • richardginn

    I say no PSD The male muscle bound freak of nature is Torre Washington

    • Waldobaby

      The pics show him to be seriously deformed but they don’t show his neck as that massive. I think they took an abused physique and made it worse. Don’t forget the cover isn’t just about him. It’s also about how someone laid it out with scissors.

      (you know these guys aren’t really strong, eh?)

  • IheartPhotoshop

    And is Mr Washington’s head bigger than his ribcage and oddly attached in real life?

    • greennotGreen

      I just did a Google image search, and I’d say the answer to your question is, yeah, it is.

      • Nasro Subari

        His head is bigger than the Greek ideal, but not THAT big.