Quiz Time: Miley (sigh)rus

The last thing I want to ask people is what’s going on between Miley Cyrus’ legs, but sometimes I have to raise the hard (ha!) questions.

Photoshop Disasters

What say you readers? Does the chain’s disappearing act make sense, or are we looking at the next Miley Cyrus-centric controversy that I’ll have to struggle to explain to my grandmother?


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Thanks to everyone who sent this image into us!

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  • http://twitter.com/bnt0 brian thomson

    If that’s supposed to be a real, heavy wrecking ball, then the physics will not permit the chain to be anything but dead straight as it swings. It’s as simple as that.

    • gotmick

      Except where the hook hinges at the ball when swinging, as seen more clearly in the video of this on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=My2FRPA3Gf8. At least her clothes are back on for this shot.

      • guest

        Yes, but then wouldn’t the hook in the picture be placed directly below her pudenda, given the way the chain has to bend to join the wrecking ball?

  • myfan

    clearly, the clothes are shopped on!

  • http://arielalexco.net/ Ariel AleX Co.

    the vote section was confusion… but I think I pick the right one.

  • BathedInSin

    It’s possible that the ball isn’t a real wrecking ball (so the weight can be misleading) and it could be light enough that the chain curves with her lady-parts…. It’s possible I don’t profess to know anything definitively.

  • random

    This is Terry Richardson, he uses none or very little Photoshop. Like someone else said before, the ball is probably not a real wrecking ball.

  • Saurio Escritor Polirrubro

    when you have magnetic thighs everything is possible.

  • email email

    I am sorry but who cares look at her <3

  • Allécto Hassten

    Maybe her real thighs are bulky and were already in front of the chains. Then somebody when to make them slimmer and forgot the fact that the chains would now appear?

  • jugstopper_rides_again

    Apparently the toxic fumes from her lady bits have dissolved the chain!

  • setheaster

    This isn’t a screen shot from the video, is it? It’s something else right, I can’t find the exact thing in the video.

    With all that said, it HAS to be a PS disaster. If you do watch the video and you see the ball is not just chain to ball it’s got this big extra metal piece that has to connect the two together, to reinforce it so it’s stronger and doesn’t break. Look at it in the video around 1 minute, if you feel the need to go bleach your eyes after. I don’t think it’s a really real wrecking ball (though what do I know) it’s certainly bigger than the one they use to break the walls, but it would still have to have that kind of reinforcement to support her weight for as long as it would take to shoot the video and do all the promo pics.

    Now, with all THAT said, best clip ever: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0Og4LaB1Zc

    • setheaster

      And they certainly messed with it – her boots are a different color here than in the video.