BodyCentral: Shift Those Shoulders

Give me a look that says “fierce” and “my shoulder just dislocated.” Perfect!

Photoshop Disasters

Between that bust, these shoulders, and those pencil-thin arms, we got a woman that can only be described as structurally unsound. It’s a good thing that’s a sheer sweater, lest she fall apart at the seams from the sheer (I’m too proud of myself for this pun) weight of it.

Thanks Erika. You can see the original on BodyCentral.

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  • Andulamb

    She’s raising one shoulder and lowering the other. Not a PSD.

    • Don Kenner

      Look at her left arm.

  • disqus_XQa38TJ8yu

    My wife tells me that vertical stripes are slimming. That must explain the forearms, shoulders, er…

  • roshfe

    Definately a PSD from the bust down … but the shoulders themselves look fine to me.

  • M.

    Jesus Christ. I’m guessing that the graphic designer was a boob man, because he’s given her a rack that would put Busty Heart to shame. Even tracing the smallest outline possible, each one is still as big as her head! o_O

  • kabak.

    where is the shadow under her left arm ( right arm for us )

  • Nasro Subari

    Why they had to go with that awkward pose in the first place is a mystery…