Adori: Put Your Paws up in the Air

Did you know that a cat’s eyes have trouble grasping perspective? Probably!

Photoshop Disasters

Ignoring the perspective break from the cat trying to raise the roof, let’s appreciate the semi-transparent background image that accompanies this disaster. I’m not sure why this cat-tower is plunked in the center of a living room (or why they feel the need to state OP = OP), but I feel like I’m starting to ask the right questions.

Thanks Reinier. You can see the original on Agroluxe.

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  • Waldobaby

    C’mon! With pictures on that site of a high-heeled construction deern riding a fuel-oil space heater, you picked kittens?

    • ixache

      Come on! Kittens! In the fourth dimension!

      Though your picture is really wonky at all lelvels…

      (Also: “deern”?)

      • Waldobaby

        It’s a Dutch language site and “deern” is Dutch. It’s my Uncle Harry’s influence again.

    • Skeptic

      Of course they picked kittens. It’s the Internet, man!

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    It’s clear from the pose of the front kitten that these are superhero kitties riding their anti-gravity-powered scratching post on their mission to fight for justice, truth, and tuna snacks.

    Now my cat will want one for Xmas.

  • Nysha

    “OP = OP” is one of those curious Dutch marketing expressions, although not half as obnoxious as last Christmas’ “Hint van Sint”. It means something like a clearance sale – “When it’s gone, it’s gone”.