Campereve: Drop Your Drawers

I don’t claim to know much about interior decorating, but my dating life has taught me that impossible-to-get-into-drawers aren’t a feature you advertise.

Photoshop Disasters

Another weird thing about this RV is how many loose knick knacks are haphazardly placed about its interior. One good speed bump is all it would take to send everything sprawling. But, on the plus side, even a triple-rollover won’t be enough to shake those drawers loose.

Thanks Manfred. You can see the original in the Campereve Catalogue 2013.

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  • En Ding Dng Värld

    Must be one of those “sleeping berths”

  • Biet


  • BirdyNumNum

    The drawer doesn’t have to slide out perpendicular to the front. The rails behind the drawer face will be at the same angle as the side cabinet – about 45 degrees – and the whole drawer will slide out at that angle. Just image a normal drawer viewed from the top and chop the front of it at 45 degrees and then mount a front on that – it will slide out at 45 degrees from the way the front faces.

    • OurJames


  • luckysnags

    If you need to store an item that measures 10mm x 900mm, then thats’s the drawer for you !

  • pgb0517

    The photo appears to just be squeezed, distorting the angles. Check the thumbnail on the original page.

  • C.

    Yep, that pic is distorted. Here’s another pic –