Fit and Photoshopped

The only way this photoshop is acceptable is if they’re advertising some sort of two-for-one gym membership deal.

Photoshop Disasters

How could you confuse me with my twin sister on the stair master? Her sleeves are literally an inch longer! God! Look, we’ll finish talking about this by the stretched out picture of the shirtless man. No, the other stretched out picture of the shirtless man.

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  • dma

    I love this inter-dimensional space; don’t you?

    The floating torso on the wall!
    The half lady on the ball! (I assume she’s a half lady as she only casts half a shadow)
    And the odd light orbs on the floor…

    • Janet Cox Tuhey

      Some of the people in the background look as though they were added in later (the guy in the black sleeveless tee, the weight lifter behind him). There is something “off” about their proportion and lighting.

      • dma

        I just noticed the gentlemen wearing the tank top squatting behind the lady on the ball has no legs. Yes, something very “off” here. =)

  • IheartPhotoshop

    Wow, so much wrongness. The twin is floating next to the bike. Every one of those people looks pasted in. Odd perspective, different lighting. Must be a very unpopular gym if they have to populate it with pasted-in people.

  • VBW

    There’s also the woman on the right and her twin.