LOFT: Hands where I can see them

Where and how to use Photoshop is all a matter of perspective.

Photoshop Disasters

At first, I  thought the disaster here was the appendage poking out of the model’s skirt that looks like a giant uncooked hot dog. Then I saw her hands and I imagined the most horrifying game of paddy cake possible.

Thanks Kirra. 

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  • greennotGreen

    I’m thinking that no one has commented yet because no one can figure out what the hell has happened to this picture. Left hand is shrunken and apparently made out of paper, right hand is huge – unless she is truly two-dimensional, in which case perspective doesn’t apply and it’s perfectly in proportion.

    • ixache

      My take: they pasted this (smaller) model onto another (bigger) one in the original picture with the couch, keeping only the right arm from the original. And then they tried, poorly to make it fit.

  • Andulamb

    The right hand is fine. But something has definitely happened to lefty.

  • M.
  • dma

    They have distorted her legs as well.

    You can see where her right leg USED to fill out the skirt and where they have done a poor job of painting over her leg with the couch. Her left leg, they’ve turned into said “uncooked hotdog”.

  • Roderick

    Is it just me, or is her mouth upside down?

    • Miguel Farah

      Indeed, there are women with a “triangle” shaped mouth. In this model’s case, however, it seems to have been exaggerated. I don’t like that jaw, either.