WOLF: Nature is Big With Kids

I dread finding out how big the bears in this forest are.

Photoshop Disasters

The only implication scarier than the forest life that dwarfs these children is their camping setup. There are three professionally put-up tents and three children, two of whom appear to be fishing in the reeds outside a body of water. The last child seems to be doing some sort of combat pose.

These kids are hardcore, is what I’m saying.

Thanks Betty. You can see the original on Wolf.

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  • Spillage Griffiths


  • M.

    What a missed opportunity to title this disaster “Honey, I Shrunk The Kids.”

  • ixache

    “Billabong Camp offers an immersive bush camping experience […], with accommodation in spacious canvas
    tents located around a picturesque billabong.”

    Not a PSD. Nature and tents are just that oversized in Australia.

  • Andulamb

    A telephoto lens compresses distances. Besides what you interpret as unrealistic scale, do you see any evidence that any of the kids were pasted into this photo? I don’t.

    Telephoto lens. Not a PSD.

    And I’m not sure I understand your joke about the “professionally put-up tents” and the three kids. Certainly you can’t possibly think that no adults could exist out of frame? If you see a photo of a child by itself, do you assume that the child was abandoned?

    • http://www.farah.cl/ Miguel Farah

      No amount of “telephoto” can compress distances in this manner. This is clearly a bad PS job.

    • Besucherin

      No special lens in the world can change the fact that objects appear smaller when they’re further away.
      And since the kids in the foreground are closer to the camera, they should appear bigger than that other kid in the back. Strangely, the actually appear smaller (the front girl at least) than the other kid – you can tell by comparing the size of their heads; head size only varies little with age.

      • Janet Cox Tuhey

        Wouldn’t the tents in the background or the plants in the foreground be out of focus?

        • Andulamb

          Not with a small f-stop. And note that the trees ARE slightly out of focus.

      • Andulamb

        Not a PSD. I stand by that.

        The one girl is maybe ten feet in front of the tent. the other two are 20 feet in front of her. The cameraman is 100 feet away with a telephoto lens.

        Yes, distant objects appear smaller, and a telephoto does not change that — but it minimizes the effect.

        You think the girl in the back is larger than the kids in the front, but you are wrong. Look at the boy. His head is larger, and his hands are larger. The same is true of the girl in the front. But you are expecting the girl in the back to appear MUCH smaller than the kids in the front, and she isn’t, and so that creates the illusion that she is larger than she really is. But if you move the kids around in Photoshop, you will see that the closer kids ARE “larger” than the girl in the back.

  • dma

    The children will no doubt enjoy those spacious tents.

    Especially considering their size ratio.

  • VBW

    Either the kids are twins, or it’s the same girl in different poses.

  • Andulamb

    My ONLY complaint with this photo is that the feet of the “far” girl are so close to the top edge of the log that it looks like she’s standing on it. But not quite, which just adds to the mistaken belief that the image has been Photoshopped. I wish that either the log had not been there, or there had been greater separation between the log and the girl, or that the girl actually HAD been balancing on top of the log.

    I kinda wonder if maybe the girl tried to balance on the log but was not able to stay balanced for long, and so the photographer positioned her so as to give the appearance that she was on the log. Which would explain her weird pose.