Sonda: Frosted

What’s more frosted, the food or her face?

Photoshop Disasters

It seems like the poll below this picture is in Polish, which keeps up the proud Polish tradition of being terrible at Photoshop. But, uh… at least you have a punch of jokes where your national stereotypes are a punch line. So you have that going for you.

Thanks Kalor. You can see the original on Polki.

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  • richardginn

    all you need is 50 layers of makeup and then you need no PSD…

  • DJFreakyB

    Are those pretty-patties from that episode of Spongebob?

  • stella

    When she wasn’t busy trying to steal Batgirl’s boyfriend, the Joker’s daughter liked to bake colorful treats with Exlax inside and hand them out as Christmas gifts to her enemies.