Youth Champion: Comic Sans Sentences

If you’re going to poorly photoshop random words onto a sheet of fabric, at least have the decency to use a font that isn’t comic sans.

Photoshop Disasters

Guest writer doge had this to say: wow such champion. lerning skill yooth employability. no filtr. much good.

Well put. Real sentences and good photoshops are for ugly people without pointy ears.

Thanks Joe!

  • maria

    You are aware that that’s not Comic Sans, right? Looks more like Arial Rounded, or something similar…

  • Scott

    If you’re going to poorly misidentify a font on your website, at least have the decency to name a font that isn’t comic sans.

  • intelcurio

    again, I can’t see the disaster, please help

    • Skeptic

      The disaster is that the words “learning skills employability” are obviously not printed on the shirt but pasted on the photo. They don’t have the correct skew and perspective. Never mind conforming to the folds of the shirt.

      I can’t say that this is photoshopped for the sole reason that they probably didn’t use an expensive Adobe product for this hack job.

      • MCDexX

        Looks like an MS Paint job to me…

  • Eilonwy_has_an_emu

    I assume part of the joke here is that the font ISN’T Comic Sans, and I’m just not getting the subtle levels of humor?

    I’m not even a font person, and my first thought was “that’s some variant on Arial or Helvetica.”

    • Claytowne

      It’s Rounded Helvetica. In some situations it works really well.

    • r_h_p

      and pinch running for our “youth champion” is mr. arial black. handsome, no?

  • MCDexX

    *cough Ariel Rounded cough*

    • Lee Bennett

      Misspelling Arial is almost as bad as misidentifying Comic Sans. :-p

      • MCDexX

        Damn it. All those years at school studying Shakespeare have made me forgot there’s more than one way to spell “Ariel”.

        • Lee Bennett

          And here I thought you were just a Little Mermaid fan. :-D LOL

          • MCDexX

            I’m more a Monsters Inc man…

        • Lee Bennett

          Touché. Incredibles remains my favorite Pixar movie.

          And with that, time to reel this back to staying on topic. :-)

  • Waldobaby

    Photoshop? Really?

  • OurJames

    I think the PSD here (although you certainly couldn’t tell from the captionI is the was the lettering does not conform to the sags in the fabric, so it seems to float above the shirt. Fairly easy to do well using the Displacement filter.

  • Andulamb

    We’ve had images like this before, but to me they are not PSDs. Do we know the intent was to make the words look like they are printed on the shirt? No. For instance, what if the words were superimposed on one of the window panes… Would you assume that the intent was to make it look like the words were written in the sky? No. How about when someone is showing a Powerpoint presentation, and the background of a particular slide is a crinkled piece of paper? Do you complain that the text does not conform to the crinkles? No.

    Yeah, the intent may have been there. But there’s so little evidence that I’m willing to see this as words typed over a photo.