Cabbage Latch

I found the door to Narnia. It’s behind this head of lettuce.

Photoshop Disasters

If you overlook the arm that’s elbow deep in shadows and cabbages, this isn’t a terrible cut and paste. By the way, “elbow deep in shadows and cabbages” is the name of my Cabbage Patch Kids fan-fiction. It’s about a midwife who ends up on the wrong side of the law, and – you know what, I don’t want to spoil anything.

By the way, I know I refer to these green things as both lettuce and cabbage. Long story short, I do not lead a particularly healthy lifestyle.

Thanks Oscar. You can see the original Orbyt.

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  • Janet Cox Tuhey

    Those are neither cabbages nor lettuces she is crouching “in.” The sun shining on the woman is at a slightly different angle than what is shining on the garden.

  • Dourn

    That should probably read, “Elbow deep in shadows and turnip greens”…. anyway, if you go to the original page (and then use Google translate, unless you speak Spanish) it does actually say it’s a recreation:

    “PHOTOMONTAGE: Sandra Ortega, in a recreation of LOC DAILY, cultivating his garden of turnips. EM”

    Always a sign of a quality news outlet…