Buying Houses: Get a Grip

Germans haven’t overreached like this since they tried to invade Russia in World War II.

Photoshop Disasters

No part of this sign-holding makes sense. His right wrist can bend backwards, and his left arm is longer than is logical. Bonus points for obscuring the hips with that sign and making the couple look like they’re devolving into a denim octopus.

Thanks Norman. You can see the original on immobilienscout24.

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  • richardginn

    THING and its TWIN got a job, NO PSD….

  • dma

    Oh I see what happened to the poor things leg now…

    Her puny little bird twig/leg is in front of his normal sized leg. That’s why you can’t see it!!

    Shame that they cut his hands off though. Maybe she’ll feed him?

  • Echt naam

    supertoll !

  • Andulamb

    Why oh why did they try to make it look like he’s holding the sign? Totally unnecessary.

  • M.

    Germans: Amazingly talented when it comes to food, beer, music and cars, yet horrendously inept when it comes to even the most basic of Photoshops.

  • Matthias

    Plus the hands clearly belong to somebody else entirely (different skin color).
    Maybe his right hand is holding up a midget who hides behind the sign. That’d explain it.