• richardginn

    THING and its TWIN got a job, NO PSD….

  • dma

    Oh I see what happened to the poor things leg now…

    Her puny little bird twig/leg is in front of his normal sized leg. That’s why you can’t see it!!

    Shame that they cut his hands off though. Maybe she’ll feed him?

  • Echt naam

    supertoll !

  • Andulamb

    Why oh why did they try to make it look like he’s holding the sign? Totally unnecessary.

  • M.

    Germans: Amazingly talented when it comes to food, beer, music and cars, yet horrendously inept when it comes to even the most basic of Photoshops.

  • Matthias

    Plus the hands clearly belong to somebody else entirely (different skin color).
    Maybe his right hand is holding up a midget who hides behind the sign. That’d explain it.