Grilleimer: Bin it

A clear cut and paste. The grill used to be surrounded by people enjoying themselves, but the company didn’t want to oversell anything.

Photoshop Disasters

I enjoy contrasting the disasters from Germany  with the disasters from the rest of the world. Most disasters try to add a glossy sheen or inject sex appeal. Not Germany, though; like the sans-serif font the box uses, it’s as if they didn’t want to come across as too excitable, so they added some food and a lawn to let you know that this is just a bit more than your typical bucket.

Thanks Eltje.

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  • Roderick

    I think this is legitimate advertising, Yes, it’s badly cut and pasted, with no shadows underneath, but it is simply a rather lame attempt to show what the grill could look like in use.

    It reminds me of those badly shopped “serving suggestion” pics you sometimes see on food packaging. Neither are meant to be taken literally.

    • Tijana Vanna Kacarevic

      I agree :)

  • Waldobaby

    This was clearly done by the same people who do inflatable pool toys, but give them credit: if this had been done in New York it would have at least eleventy-leven different font sizes, faces and weights.