H&M: Bit Cheeky

When modelling a clothing line, how long does it typically take to realize you’re not wearing any clothes?

Photoshop Disasters

Back in 2011, H&M got in a bit of hot water for using computer generated bodies (but real heads!) to model their clothing lines. The clothes themselves were drawn on after, because every woman’s body is the same (they use the same model and colour it as ethnically necessary), and the clothes will always fit like a glove, provided you have a competent photoshopper and a nice cut out of a glove.

Thanks Ronald for the find. If anyone can find a link to the original, we will gladly post it.

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  • richardginn

    Just another 3AM and super drunk PSD job.

    • stella

      Or another 3 am and super drunk modeling job.

  • cath

    We need an option for “misplaced faith in automation.” I strongly suspect this is not a human-created PSD.

    • dma

      Do we, or do we not, double check our work before submission? I’ve never given any of my work to an android!

      Your argument, is invalid.

      • cath

        I’m not saying that one SHOULD give one’s work to a bot (obviously), only that maybe someone DID. Perhaps H&M, having done away with human models, is trying to take the next step and do away with human PhotoShoppers.

        For the record, I still think it’s a PSD, just a non-human-created one, and one that doesn’t fall into any of the above categories (well, maybe “misguided intern”…).

        • dma

          Definitely misguided. =)

  • Koetsu

    I think they pulled it. It’s nowhere to be found.