Lenovo: Oh no

The marketing department responsible for this should take the time to reflect on their mistakes.

Photoshop Disasters

Oh gee, there are so many joke opportunities here, I don’t know where to start. In no particular order, Windows 8, Bing Maps, and making an obvious mistake while searching Las Vegas. Usually there are airline fees and hotel charges associated with mistakes involving Las Vegas, so at least this ad has that going for it.

Thanks Cesar. You can see the original on Twitter.

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  • Will B.

    That looks like the Foursquare app on Windows 8.

  • Thomas

    So, where is the PSD then?
    All reflections look absolutely correct to me, including the chips, the display (whole glass cover) and keyboard. And I also don’t see the “obvious mistake” when searching for Las Vegas. Hint: Look at the Twitter post.

    • stella

      Is this your attempt at sarcasm? How can what is on the screen be reflected onto the glass? The back of the screen (top of the laptop cover) might be reflected, but not the images on the screen.

      • smrk

        Take your phone, turn on the screen, set it to the right position on glass table (like screen on discussed picture) and you will see. That screen reflection is not right under notebook even if it looks – its similar illusion like 3d paints on pavement.

    • Nameless

      How can the screen be reflected on the table top?
      Is there a mirror on the ceiling that magically reflects the screen through the back of the screen onto the table?

      • http://arielalexco.net/ Ariel AleX Co.

        I think you have never seen reflecting things.

    • Dr Who

      Looks OK to me too. Why do people think that ps has been used at all on this pic?

  • Eder Durán

    The display reflection is wrong. The reflection must be the computer cover.

    • Capt’n Grammar

      No, the display reflection is right. At least there is no obvious error.
      Also, glass tables _do_ reflect, too.

      • marcy

        Glass Tables reflect the screen through the keyboard?

        • Matthias Urlichs

          No they don’t. But this image does not reflect the screen through the keyboard. The reflection happens before that.
          The image looks wrong simply because it is rotated to the right (look at the railing in the background), thus reflected points are not aligned with the spot on the table they’re reflected from, thus this all looks subtly wrong. It is not.
          The only thing that’s wrong in this picture is the content of the screen. Ugh.

      • Waldobaby

        Take a piece of paper, fold it, draw on it to mock up a laptop with the top open to 135 degrees, place it on that dusty little mirror the mail boy keeps in his desk, and look at the results. At the angle this laptop is twisted to, you WILL see the screen and it WILL be inverted but true to left-right! God that was so hard…

        Saying that, is it a disaster if 99% of the people seeing an ad don’t notice it?

        • Nameless

          Not seeing 99% seeing 2 people who think light can reflect through objects.

  • dthree

    The camera is very close to the table top, which makes the reflection show the screen not the back.

  • Andulamb

    There is nothing wrong with this photo. To see something reflected in the table top, light must be able to travel from the object to the table top, and from the table top to the viewer, and the angle of incidence must be equal to the angle of reflection. The light, apart from bouncing off the table top, must therefore travel from the object towards the viewer. How exactly can the light from the top cover travel towards the viewer when the top over is facing away from the viewer? The light can’t come towards the viewer as it travels to the table top without passing through the screen.

    The only way anyone could think that the top cover should be visible is if they have the mistaken belief that the light that bounces off the top cover and goes straight down to the table top would THEN darts forward to the viewer. But that’s not how reflections work. Again, angle of incidence equals angle of reflection.

    Think of it this way. Where the top left corner of the screen is reflected on the table top… Imagine a little ant is standing there. Now imagine the ant looks towards the computer. Do you think he can see the top left corner of the screen from where he’s standing? Of course he can. Now imagine he turns towards the viewer. Can he see the viewer from where he’s standing? Of course. Is it believable that the angle from the top left corner of the screen to the table top at the ant’s position is equal to the angle from the viewer to the table top at the ant’s position? Hopefully you agree that it is. Because it is. Because that’s how reflections work.

    Furthermore, I just tried this setup using a laptop and a mirror, and lo and behold it’s the screen that is reflected in the mirror and not the top cover. If you haven’t tried this yourself, you have no room to argue.

  • Nicky

    Can somebody please make a picture where the back of the laptop is reflected (as many seem to think ist the way it should be) and post it, so everybody can see how stupid and wrong that looks? Gee – simple physics…

  • MSO77

    I’d also like to see the picture with the reflection of the laptop cover. If anybody can make a convincing picture he will be the master of reality benders…

    For everybody else, here is a little graphic to show you, why the picture actually is alright.

  • Alpha-Hasi

    It is a psdisaster but the reflection of the laptop is correct! See the picture I took a minute ago: no photoshop (unfortunatly no mirror too) but same reflection! :)

    • MSO77


      But what IS the PSDisaster in the picture? Is it something on the screen, that’s wrong? I don’t use Windows anymore…
      Or am I just blind?

      • Alpha-Hasi

        The reflection of the tokens/chips is missing. (And the picture is baldly composed of course.)

        • Alpha-Hasi

          Oh – if I look closer: ther actually IS a reflection of the tokens. But without any shadow and hardly to see …

          • MSO77

            There are only 3 tokens with 3 reflections. When you look closely you will see, that the white and black segments of the lower ones exactly fit the top ones, only reflected.

            As for the rest, I don’t see any obvious composing. Just a wild background reflected on the table.

        • http://arielalexco.net/ Ariel AleX Co.

          I see the reflection of the 3 chips there are. exactly 3 chips reflected.

      • Karma Iguana

        No sultry babes, no muscle cars, no chunky wristwatches. This is NOT a real Wynn Las Vegas cross-promotion.

        • MSO77

          An what has that to do with a photoshop disaster?

  • dma

    I think the PSD is that Windows 8 is running and that there is no smoke & fire flowing from the laptop.

  • Gonzalo

    I don’t see any distaster. Look at the full image, the reflection of the screen has a “rainbow effect” caused by the polarized light. Do you think that they would photoshop that effect in just to make it look more realistic? I doubt it.

  • Stella

    Well, since I was working from home today, I decided to give it a try…first, I learned that I don’t own a small mirror. Next, I learned that using a wall mirror doesn’t work out well. Then, after deciding to use a glass topped nightstand, I learned that I really should put away clutter and dust more often. Finally, I learned that I was wrong. The reflection in the PsD can actually happen in real life. Who would have thought I could learning so much while “working” from home?

  • http://bethnaeyaert.com SMRTnPRITY

    Is it the railing not matching up with the reflection on the table?

    • MSO77

      No, the reflection of the railing seems fine, too. Because the table is kind of rounded, isn’t standing directly beside the railing and might be a bit tilted there’s a vertical offset. Horizontally it lines up perfectly. No PsD there…

      • http://bethnaeyaert.com SMRTnPRITY

        Thanks. It was just as stab in the dark because hell if I can find anything else. :)

        • Chentally Mallenged

          look at the reflection of the computer screen

  • Zed68

    There is absolutely nothing wrong here… Photohop disaster disaster. (is it just me or does it happen more and more these days ???)

  • Marcelo

    That ackward moment when you try to make fun of someone’s mistake and discover that their “mistake” was actually correct…

    PSD: either make clear what is wrong (is not the notebook reflection) or make a “my bad” statement ;)