Pace Yourself: Bad Breath(alyzer)

The first sign your intoxicated shouldn’t be the blood alcohol content readout on your phone, it should be the mangled approximation of a hand holding your phone.

Photoshop Disasters

My phone has the ability to tell me when I’m drunk and I don’t even need a periphery device. Sometime around my fifth serving of alcohol, my cell sends a series of erratic and increasingly grammatically incorrect texts to everyone on my contact list.

Thanks for the find Ebua. You can see the original on UnCrate.

  • angrybyrd

    YOU’RE. The first sign YOU’RE intoxicated. Jesus fucking christ.

    • Nicewriter

      The writer was intoxicated. That’s why the grammar error happened.

    • Dourn

      Hey angrybyrd, have I got the magazine for you…

  • ddgiant

    I also love what the phone says “pace yourself” in large letters, then under that a reading of 0.09 already over the limit to drive. Ya pace yourself is the advise that should be given, not “ha your drunk maybe you should stop”

    • Waldobaby

  • JB

    Another case where the disaster is using Photoshop at all. For what they paid, would it really have been that hard to take a photo of an actual hand holding an actual phone? I can imagine the display might not show well, but still, an actual hand, holding an actual phone, with a close-enough-to-chromakey green post it note over the screen isn’t exactly an expensive or complex photoshoot.
    It’s not like they needed a pro hand model.