Sheinside: What a doll

Just how did she get her head through the collar of that dress?

Photoshop Disasters

Every dress is a long sleeve dress when you have the proportions of a china doll. I suspect this dresses’ skirt would reach the average woman’s belly button.

Thanks everyone who sent this in! You can see the original on Sheinside.

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  • richardginn

    Can’t funny house mirrors get any love??

  • stella

    I am surprised her body can support the weight of her head.

  • Miguel Farah

    Besides the head, one leg is much thicker than the other. There’s no indication (in the dress or shadows) of the thicker leg being much more in front of the other one, but even if it did, it can’t explaing the differing width.

    Total PSD.

    • Pedro Hin

      Indeed. Also, going by the outer edges of her thighs, I am trying to picture the width of the hips — unpossible