SOLO: Can’t Handle This

I find a key function of high-performance messenger bags is to have a handle that’s attached to the bag.

Photoshop Disasters

I can understand how this happened – there was a hand holding the bag, and instead of paying The Thing’s exorbitant modelling fees, SOLO decided to simply cut that five-fingered diva out. Not sure what happened to the chunk of the bag missing on the left though.

Thanks Candice. You can see the original on Ebay.

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    • Nameless

      Buh, Bye! If you have a problem with a very obvious PSD then please leave.

  • OurJames

    I think what happened is that the GA used a magic wand setting that was too wide, so that narrow parts of the bag got selected as well as the background.

    • Faerie Nuff

      Or they just went into Levels, picked the white eyedropper, and clicked on a grey section of background, not noticing that it erased the metal parts on the bag.

  • Sam

    The handle is made like that, I have one. There is nothing wrong with that photo other then the blown out white background.