Top 10 Photoshop Disasters of 2013

Picking our favourite disasters from 2013 was no easy task; with so many melted hands, gigantic toddlers, and bits of broken anatomy, it was like having to choose who your favourite deformed child is. The best of the worst is at the bottom, but we love all our little disasters.

There are no small parts; just small actors with smaller appendages.

Picking just one disaster from North Korea was difficult (abusing Photoshop is practically national policy), but this flaccid attempt at showing off military might highlights what North Korea is all about.

Keeping in mind that this disaster occurred before the NSA scandal broke, it now looks like foreshadowing for the long reach of the United States Federal Government.

Hindsight is 20/20; we had this ridiculous Photoshop featuring Sarah Jessica Parker on the cover of Bazaar, and we didn’t even make a pun about how bizarre she looks. Ah, there’s always next year…

When Lady Gaga publicly complains that she looks a little ridiculous, you may have overdone it with Photoshop. Glamour really needs to get better at this.

Like most actresses over the age of 30, Kate Winslet is now almost entirely CGI.

One thing I enjoyed about 2013 is that the male figure finally started to see its fair share of abuse at the hands of Photoshop. Equal mistreatment for all!

2013 saw the passing of a great leader, and in his wake were a number of politicians trying to score a few points through clumsy posturing.

This is how 13-year-old boys (Maxim’s target audience) imagine the perfect woman; plastic, shiny, and devoid of any personality.

Editor’s Choice: The Best Worst Photoshop of 2013 is…

Acting racist and committing fraud while trying to convince people that your movement isn’t about race and this is the only way to prevent fraud is what makes this disaster our pick for best/worst of 2013.

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  • ladycygnus

    Given the textual content of the last image – the people in the line are “potential voter”‘s who might commit fraud. Since it’s common to accuse those who support voter ID laws as being racist (don’t use brain – just scream racism and you’ve won) removing the black people in the center of the image would be to AVOID an accusation of racism. This way a person might actually read the text and realize that ID’s are kind of important.

    Ergo – not “racism and fraud” – only modifying an image to enable brainwashed liberals to look past the accusation of racism and think for a change. Poorly done and encouraged said liberals to go find the original and giggle at the “fraud” and dismiss the idea because “RACISM”.

    Sad – but you could have found a better Photoshop disaster as number one.

    • setheaster

      hear, hear

    • luckysnags

      Well said !

    • Adam Marr

      Always find it humorous how the right thinks the left is “brainwashed” when the right is constantly using distraction, cherry picked stats, and fear to try and justify the current right-wing insanity. The far left is just as bad, just not quite as crazy. The sad part here, is the simple fact that most voter ID laws are pushed in republican controlled states, and tend to have the most impact in disenfranchising minority voters, with little to no proof that voter fraud due to the lack of these laws has any impact whatsoever. This lines up quite well with gerrymandering – also done most blatantly in republican controlled areas, which creates these districts that are so right leaning, you get people in congress who only represent the causes of the far-right. This is why the house is still republican controlled even though they lost the total vote by over 1 million votes. But, yes, keep pretending this has nothing to do with racism or lessening the impact of minority voters by trying to solve a problem that doesn’t really exist except in the right-wing fear machine. Then you can take away gay rights under the guise of “family values” and keep ignoring climate change because “it was cold this week”.

      • ladycygnus

        I hate this site – it refreshes the page randomly and deletes what you’ve written.

        You need an ID to do just about anything in this country and to say it’s “racist” to require it is akin to saying that the person selling you alcohol is racist for requiring one. If you know of a case where a black person was DENIED a photo ID because of his race I’d love to hear it.

        Both parties are corrupt (I’m not R or D – I just look at the issues and decide what looks logical to the best of my ability). Both operate in lies and corruption. One pretends to be moral while lying about the evil it does. The other is openly immoral and lies when people that the evil it does is good. The Evil Lying party and the Lying Evil party unite to get nice happy retirements off of our taxes.

        • MaryMitch

          I would support voter ID laws if state-issued photo IDs were free and easy to get. But this isn’t the case.

        • Adam Marr

          Ha, well, as a member of the apex of the “I hate both sides” party, I’ll agree there. That being said however, I can’t think of a single reason how removing minorities to leave mostly whites in an image has no grounds in racism. And voter ID laws have nothing to do with “denying” people IDs because of race. It is much more complicated than that, and covers a whole host of things. For instance, lowering the number of precincts in Florida’s minority districts to encourage longer lines and discourage voting.

          ARG – page refresh…. lost content

          Like the person below said, obtaining photo ID in many states that pass these laws in not free or simple, especially if you also require a birth certificate for the photo ID. The issue is not that it makes voting impossible, just that there really isn’t a “voter fraud” issue to solve, and that the impact is the strongest on minority voters, which is why these laws tend to be pushed in gop controlled states, and why republican leaders have been caught saying that the laws will help them win elections.

          • ladycygnus

            “why republican leaders have been caught saying that the laws will help them win elections.” Given that Republicans think that Democrats win by bribing low information and low income voters, saying this isn’t necessarily “racism”.

            far right: crazy alien people and racism
            mid right: war and torture for everyone!
            right: same as left – control population with different talking points
            left: same as right – control population with different talking points
            mid left: sex and abortions for everyone!
            far left: crazy alien people and racism

          • Adam Marr

            Watch Fox News if you want to see the right-wing equivalent of low-information voters. Trying to win by making it harder for a group of people to vote, and trying to win by misinformation are two totally different things. And sorry, but if you watched the last election, its safe to say both sides did splendidly at passing along mis-information. The win actually probably went to the republicans, with the massive private “super pac” spending on commercials and ads. Plus Romeny was a moderate republican trying to play conservative. Had he just been himself, he probably would have won. Though he would have also lost the republican primary to someone more right-wing, so its a bit of a pointless exercise.

          • ladycygnus

            The misinformation bothers me more than the potentially few voters that might find it difficult to vote. Voting should take effort – effort to educate yourself on the positions of the candidates, effort to train your mind to recognize when they are using fear to get your vote (and both sides trade in fear), effort to vote locally in a responsible manner, etc.

            When you make voting easy you get what you currently have in this country – people flipping a coin and accepting that side’s lies and fear mongering. Notice – 50/50 and the margin of error is insignificant. Both parties are the same, they just focus on different fears.

          • Adam Marr

            It may bother you more, but denying someone the right to vote because they cannot pay for the means to acquire identification is possibly illegal, where spreading misinformation is unfortunately not. And just because the one bothers you more, does not mean the other should be left of the table.

            And what on earth is wrong with sex for everyone?

          • ladycygnus

            There are charities all over this country – are you telling me one isn’t and couldn’t be setup to focus getting people ID cards – which is one tool they need to do just about anything?

            And I’m sure we can both agree that sex shouldn’t be for everyone on some things – like men who want to have sex with kids or rape women. Where the disagreements usually arise is that I believe if you are going to have sex you better be willing to take responsibility for the consequences of that act and not expect the government to do so.

            The Democratic party is so set in it’s “sex is a fundamental right” mentality that it’s unthinkable to require responsibility in this area – so the government will be responsible for the costs and consequences of your sex life for you – and thus will end up controlling it.

          • Adam Marr

            These people haven’t needed photo IDs for 60-80+ years. The charity logic doesn’t make a lot of sense. By that argument I could say we could do away with public education funding (or any social spending) because a charity could be setup to collect funds to educate the youth. We could setup poll taxes because someone could setup a charity to help poor people pay it.

            And no one on the moderate left is saying sex with minors or rape is not a bad thing. The only one’s I know who say anything about rape is the far right nuts who think rape pregnancies are “gods will” or the woman’s fault. So, I’m not sure where you’re going with that line of thought…. or equating it to the moderate left, unless you are completely anti-abortion….which even most moderate right people are not….

          • ladycygnus

            You asked what was wrong with “sex for everyone” and I pointed out that we (and most of society) can agree that not everyone is entitled to sex. From there I pointed out that I draw the line further up than most liberals, who feel the government should pay for their sexual exploits.

            Actually a good portion of the population is anti-abortion on some level, but many give the exception of rape as a case where it should be allowed. I am completely anti-abortion – even in the case of rape. I have met a child conceived in rape and realized the inhumanity of killing a child for the sin of her father.

          • Adam Marr

            Yes, most people are against no-restrictions on abortions, most people are also not for total restriction. I think most people, except a handful of people who think church should mandatory on Sunday are fairly content with the status-quo. Not sure how the government is paying for this however… if you are referring to this from primarily a cost-basis.

          • ladycygnus

            Few people know what the status-quo is and how few restrictions most states have. And when restrictions are suggested that most people would agree with they are misrepresented.

            I’ve never met someone who believes abortion should be fully restricted who thinks church should be mandatory on Sundays. Never once.

            The government gives hundreds of thousands to abortion centers under the guise of “women’s healthcare” if they promise to not use the money for abortions. So the money is used to hand out cheap birth control and poorly teach people how to use it while encouraging risky sexual behavior. If they get 100 women to use the pill 8 of them will be back in the year needing an abortion. It’s a lucrative business model.

          • Adam Marr

            So no birth control? That’s a much better solution. Learn to see sarcasm. Of course no one is mandating church. Just pointing out that most total anti-abortion rhetoric is faith-based. I am a bit surprised however at the hypocritical viewpoint that many anti-abortionists push where birth-control is also an issue. Restrict all abortions, make birth-control difficult to obtain! I’m not sure these people actually understand humans at all.

          • Rich-0

            Get a room, you two!

          • marcy

            I was just thinking that, if this were a romantic comedy (where people argue and argue until they realize that they are actually in love and start making out) Adam Marr and ladycygnus, would start kissing about now and we would all see how they really feel about sex.

        • M.

          “Both parties are corrupt (I’m not R or D – I just look at the issues and decide what looks logical to the best of my ability).”

          Against women’s rights to their own bodies… Calling women’s health clinics “Abortion centres”… Blah blah goverment spending is always bad blah blah… Refusing to see the racism and political manipulation inherent in the “Voter ID” idiocy… Using the word “Liberal” as if it was an insult… “Both sides are bad” followed by older-than-dirt talking points that could very well have been copy-pasted from Fox News…

          If you’re not a Republican, I’m a five-armed turtle-caterpillar hybrid from the planet Cliche.

          … Also, this is Photoshop Disasters. Go away.

          • ladycygnus

            “Also, this is Photoshop Disasters. Go away.” – My ORIGINAL post was about how the #1 Photoshop disaster was NOT such but instead a pathetic political jab.

            But don’t worry – I have no interest continuing the argument with people who spit out the older-than-dirt liberal talking points that could very well have been copy-pasted from the DNC.

  • Phelps

    So, in other words, rather than keep with your mission, you decided to piss away any credibility you have with a cheap political shot.

    I don’t come here to listen to you repeat half-reasoned thoughts you read someplace else. I come him for photoshop disasters. Remember how you got here.

    • Flashhog

      Agree. I’m puzzled how race plays into that last picture. Voter ID has to do with nationality, not race. I do not know what kind of logic or perhaps lack of logic equates the two. Not surprising though, liberals love to shout down those they do not agree with by playing the race card. I have lost all respect for this website.

      • Adam Marr

        Well, then you need to branch out on where you get information. The last picture is a bit odd, and certainly off topic, but the very easy-to-understand logic of the left, is that there is no proof that voter ID laws solve a problem, or even that there is an actual problem to solve. The impact of these laws however is that it becomes difficult for many minority voters – especially elderly – to vote. And if you think this does not play a part in the reason these republican controlled states are pushing these laws, then you, my friend, are the one who is confused. Some idiotic republican lawmakers have even been caught on tape saying – (Penn House Majority Leader) “this law will help us win the election for Romney”[paraphrased] – and former Florida GOP’er Greer “The Republican Party, the strategists, the consultants, they firmly believe that early voting is bad for Republican Party candidates, It’s done for one reason and one reason only … ‘We’ve got to cut down on early voting because early voting is not good for us,”.

        But, yes, otherwise I agree, adding that picture here was bad form.

        • ladycygnus

          Can you tell me HOW it makes it difficult for minorities to vote? Instead of just repeating what you’ve been told – let us know why and how old minorities are being prevented from getting ID cards. AND why the solution to this isn’t to FIX that problem but to not require ID cards?

          • MaryMitch

            Because statistics show that the people who don’t have state issued ID are minorities. You seem to think that someone can easily get a state issued ID. Well, it’s not free and it’s not easy.

          • ladycygnus

            Not free – OK if the government won’t make it free then a charity should be setup to enable people to get them.

            Not easy – It shouldn’t be. The whole point of getting an ID is that it is an official identification of the person. To verify that a person is who they say they are takes effort – official documents, witnesses, whatever. To just hand them out to random people who say “I’m Joe Smith.” makes no even less sense than allowing that same person to vote.

            Stats show it’s Minorities – which response is better:
            “oh poor minority with no ID card (and limited opportunities bc of that) here is your vote”
            ~ OR ~

            “you need an ID card to do just about anything – let’s setup a system to help you with the cost and paperwork so you can begin to really take hold of the opportunities around you to get out of poverty.”

            Which one is ACTUALLY racist?

          • Adam Marr

            The first, because the issue here is – we are making it more difficult for these people to vote, without providing them an easy means to rectify the problem. Your suggesting a solution which is never put on the table by the people passing these voter ID laws, and would never be put on the table because the same people who push voter ID laws are the same people that want to make it more difficult for people to obtain ID .

          • Adam Marr

            Take Mississippi…. The photo ID is free. But it requires a birth certificate many of these people without photo ID will not have. To get the birth certificate they have to drive to the state office to pay $15 – which may in itself be a large enough incentive for a poor elderly person to not vote, and to get the birth certificate requires a – you guessed it – photo ID. In my state, VA – a swing state, but historically republican controlled at the state level, many forms of ID are acceptable, such as a paystub with the name and address, or a utility bill.

            Making it easy to get photo ID cards is itself a catch 22. On the one hand, yes – if you are going to require photo ID, then you need a way to easily get one that is “free” for these folks. On the other hand, does that easy-to-get method now allow illegals (etc) to obtain photo IDs?

  • Daniel Gardner

    Go home “Editor’s Choice: Best Worst Photoshop of 2013”. You got drunk at a Political Disaster blog and stumbled into a PSDisasters post.

  • Kemp

    I don’t care about politics (on either side). I came here to see photoshop disasters and the editors choice did not deliver. Better luck next year.

  • Guest

    The most surprising thing about any of this is how many Tea Party Republicans read PSD.

  • Chillirose

    Am I the only person (without reading TOO far down the list of comments to actually check if anyone else did) who noticed the face of the woman in the purple jacket has been duped over onto whomever is wearing the white hoodie?

    • Helene Logan

      The whiners are too busy complaining with their knee-jerk reactions to PAY ATTENTION.
      These are probably the same people who use PSD incorrectly.
      Who sent them all here? Glenn Beck? LOL

      • M.

        You know what the best part is? They’re so busy having aneurysms about the jab at the racist right-winger that they didn’t even notice the equal jab at Obama.

        (Also, on the subject of why it’s a PSD, the aforementioned racist right-winger has been airbrushed so much and so badly that she looks like a Tanning Mom Barbie doll.)

  • Chillirose

    Clearly not… should have read further down the list of comments….
    Consider that withdrawn.

  • frank